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Viviane Forest in Action!

February 12, 2009 — Use the video player to watch footage of Viviane Forest during the downhill race of the World Cup in Para-Alpine skiing in Sestriere, Italy.

On January 22nd 2009, Viviane, accompanied by her guide Arnaud Rajchenbach won the silver medal. She finished just 1.8 seconds behind the World Champion title holder.

How does Viviane ski with only 4 % vision?

With a vision as low as 4%, Viviane practices skiing at speeds close to 100 km/h. Her growing motivation to go faster and to improve her technical expertise enables her to push her limits.

To excel, she requires an experienced guide who, steers her by describing the obstacles ahead via a full duplex wireless radio. The guide is fully aware of Viviane's skills and abilities. Strong communication, trust, teamwork and a lot of practice are all essential to ensure the success of the duo team in both training and competition.

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