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Warmest June on record

Hitting the beach in Toronto
Hitting the beach in Toronto

Andrea Stockton, staff writer

July 20, 2010 — The month of June was a warm one and right now it looks like 2010 could be the warmest year ever.

Trying to stay cool with an ice cream in Italy
Trying to stay cool with an ice cream in Italy

Not only did Canadians feel the heat last month, but June 2010 was reported as the warmest June on record worldwide.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) found that warmer than average temperatures were felt across nearly all continents. Officials say that the combination of land and sea anomalies ranked this June above the June of 2005, which was the last warmest June on record.

Meteorologists say we can credit some of this warmth to El Nino. El Nino is characterized by slightly warmer ocean temperatures in the equatorial Pacific that cause a shift in the global weather patterns.

Last Friday's announcement of June's record warmth comes at a time when extreme heat blankets much of the United States and Europe. Several heat warnings have been issued as many places continue to push the 40 degree mark or higher.

Smog blankets Canadian beaches
Smog blankets Canadian beaches

That's not to say we haven't felt the heat right here at home.

Southern Ontario and Quebec reached official heat wave status in mid June prompting heat, humidity and smog warnings for several days at a time. The Maritimes have also reached dangerous heat levels as well.

While, June was the warmest month worldwide, many places also saw record temperatures in March, April and May. Right now it looks as if 2010 is on track as being the warmest year in history.

With files from NOAA

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