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Not Just Warm...Record Breaking.

March 8, 2010 — It feels like spring has sprung across the Prairies, and there's record breaking temperatures to prove it.

It was a weekend people dream of. Warm, spring-like temperatures at the beginning of March.

A warm pacific air mass remained over northern Saskatchewan Sunday and record breaking highs were the result.

Records set in Saskatchewan on Sunday, March 8th, 2010

  • Stony Rapids: 10.2 - Previous Record in 1990: 7.3
  • Collins Bay: 9.9 - Previous Record in 1990: 7.4
  • La Ronge: 12.4 - Previous Record in 1977: 8.0
  • Key Lake: 9.7 - Previous Record in 1990: 7.0
  • Buffalo Narrows: 11.0 - Previous Record in 1977: 7.9
  • Uranium City: 8.9 - Previous Record in 1977: 8.8

And it was a similar story in Manitoba yesterday.

Records set in Manitoba on Sunday, March 8th, 2010

  • Berens River: 6.8 - Previous Record in 1958: 5.6
  • Flin Flon: 10.2 - Previous Record in 1990: 7.0
  • Grand Rapids: 12.2 - Previous Record in 1977: 10.1
  • Island Laker: 10.6- Previous Record in 1977: 4.6
  • The Pas: 9.2 - Previous Record in 1990: 7.9
  • Thompson: 11.0 - Previous Record in 1968: 6.8

There is still snow on the ground in some of these areas and that combined with the mild temperatures lead to dense fog throughout the weekend.

Areas from Saskatoon right through to Winnipeg can expect reduced visibility again today, but the foggy conditions should improve by the afternoon.

For the latest details on what's happening across the Prairies, tune into The Weather Network on TV. Your National Forecast comes up at the top and bottom of each hour

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