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Watching the Night Sky: Hallowe'en

Andrew Fazekas, reporting
October 28, 2011 — What's in the night sky this week?

Jupiter could be visible this weekend
Jupiter could be visible this weekend

Hallowe'en is a busy time for sky watchers this year, with Jupiter being at opposition. On October 28, the gas giant will officially be the closes to planet earth for the entire year. In fact, this year's opposition is extra special because Jupiter will be closer to us until the year 2022. And for sky watchers, this means that you get great views of the cloud bands of Jupiter with a small telescope, and the moons of Jupiter are visible with nothing more than a pair of binoculars.

All you have to do is look for a creamy coloured bright star rising in the east just after sunset and setting in the west in the early morning at dawn. So it's a great opportunity for that, as well as to see the innermost planets in the solar system. Mercury and Venus will be visible very low in the southwest skies on Friday, October 28 and October 29, with the crescent moon pointing the way. You'll need a very high vantage point, maybe a hilltop, to see these at the very low southwestern skies.

Also making it busy time in the skies is the International Space station, making visible passes in the evening times over the course of the next week, right across Canada.

To know when and where to see the space station glide over your backyard, visit my website:

With files from Lyndsay Morrison

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