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Weather boosts business in the Maritimes

Andrea Stockton, staff writer

May 31, 2011 — After a wet and dreary spring in the Maritimes, summer-like conditions are helping business owners get back on track.

Sun makes a return to the Maritimes
Sun makes a return to the Maritimes

It's been a cool and wet spring across the Maritimes this year and several residents have been hoping for a break. Dark, cool and rainy weather can certainly impact a person's mood . In fact, one in six Canadians suffer from seasonal affective disorder, or SAD.

After weeks of rainy weather, the skies finally cleared and temperatures skyrocketed early this week. While the humidity has been stifling, not many people are complaining.

“It's nice to see the sunshine finally we haven't seen it in a while we had a lot of rain so this is a big change,” said one Maritimer.

“It's just so nice to see the sun because everyone was so cranky and we are looking forward to cottage weather and getting out and enjoying the sun,” said another resident in Moncton, New Brunswick.

Local businesses are also thankful for the change in conditions.

Businesses hoping the weather will help sales pick up
Businesses hoping the weather will help sales pick up

“I work at a local coffee shop and people enjoy coming out and getting cold drinks when it's nice and I find when it's dreary and rainy for a couple of weeks everyone is in a bad mood and nobody wanted to leave their offices,” said Tasha Bonnar at Timothy's Coffee in Moncton.

Record rainfall and cool temperatures were reported throughout much of the Maritimes during the month of May. And since it was a wash out, the last place people wanted to be was on the water.

“For the last month or so there have been no kayaks on the water because the weather has been miserable,” says Don Rittwage at the Kayak Exchange.

Rittwage adds that sales plummeted in May. He's hoping that the hot and humid weather will attrack more people to take up kayaking and encourage others to do the same.

For a look at the weather conditions you can expect over the coming months, be sure to check The Weather Network's 2011 Summer Outlook.

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