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Weather cools B.C. fire activity

Andrea Stockton, staff writer

September 9, 2010 — Cool and wet weather over the past couple of weeks has helped to control the B.C. fire situation.

Fire risk at low or very low across B.C.
Fire risk at low or very low across B.C.

From record heat, to cool and wet conditions. It was just the transition firefighters in B.C. were hoping for.

“It's been pretty unsettled with off and on showers for the past week,” says Gerald Cheng, a meteorologist here at The Weather Network. “Cooler temperatures have helped with the fire situation as well. Any hot and dry days recently have been brief.”

The forest fire risk is low to very low across much of the province, which is a huge improvement from this time last month, when the risk was at extreme levels. While the rain hasn't been heavy, it's been consistent, helping firefighters get a handle on the situation.

Dark and dreary in Sidney, B.C.
Dark and dreary in Sidney, B.C.

“It's cooled down the fire activity and has allowed crews to get on to the ground and around the fire line and has helped with containment,” says Kim Steinbart, Provincial Fire Information Officer in Kamloops. “Now they're just pretty much mopping up the large fires that were burning for the last few weeks and will be patrolling for any hot spots over the next little while.”

The fire risk has decreased, but Steinbart is reminding residents that the season isn't over just yet. “We really consider the fire season to go pretty much until the end of October.”

You can keep track of the risk in your area by heading to our Forest Fire Watch section of the website.

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