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Weather helps extend flea season in the Maritimes

Shelley Steeves, reporting
October 24, 2011 — Has your pet been treated for fleas? A spell of warm weather has helped extend the flea season in parts of the Maritimes this year.

Has your pet been treated for fleas?
Has your pet been treated for fleas?

It's flea season in the Maritimes. And this year, the weather has played a role in helping extend it.

“In the last two or three weeks every other animal that is not on a prevention product is carrying fleas,” says Dr. Susan Malone, a veterinarian in Moncton. “And that's partially because of the weather. In this part of the country we had a very wet June and July and then a warm August and September and even now in October and so that set's up up for a prolonger flea season.”

Flea season usually wraps up around mid October, but not this year.

“We are still having warm weather. We have not had enough cold, at least here in the Maritimes, to kill the adults and sort of stop the population growth,&*221 explains Malone. “That's why it's so important to keep treating your pets for fleas at least until temperatures consistently dip below freezing.”

But even when the weather outside turns colder and the fleas outside have gone dormant they can survive inside your home for months. They hide in little nooks and crannies, waiting for a blood meal.

Getting your home sprayed can help keep fleas out
Getting your home sprayed can help keep fleas out

“In the last couple of years the flea calls have just been through the roof,” says Greg Flynn of Braemar Pest Control. “And once they have invaded your home, spraying won't necessarily get rid of them for good. The home owner has to cooperate with us and get the proper flea treatment for their pets, because if we go in and spray a place and they don't do the proper work on our end then our job is not going to work.”

So if your pet has fleas now, Dr. Malone recommends you continue with flea treatments well into the winter.

With files from Lyndsay Morrison

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