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Weather makes all the difference for BC kayakers

Paddles away 30 minutes outside of Vancouver.
Paddles away 30 minutes outside of Vancouver.

Jill Colton, staff writer

July 5, 2011 — Exceptional weather has dazzled the southern coast of BC for the past few days -- giving kayakers an extra swing in their paddles.

Summer is a dream for kayak-lovers.
Summer is a dream for kayak-lovers.

Bram Rutherford knows that warm and sunny weather is what gets kayakers' hearts splashing.

He's the Operations Manager for Deep Cove Canoe and Kayak, located about 30 minutes outside of Vancouver.

There's no doubt that weather is a huge part of the business -- and the summer is the best time to be on the water. “It makes a huge difference when it's a hot sunny day out,” he explains. “People are a lot more excited to get out on the water and spend the day outside.”

It's no secret that it was a long, wet and cold spring across BC. And the uninviting conditions didn't translate well for Deep Cove. “So far, it's been pretty slow,” says Rutherford. “It's not that kayaking in the rain isn't awesome -- because it is -- but it's just not the same,” he adds.

And because it's a solar-powered industry, weather is a large component of the business as well.

Even still, Rutherford admits that although a clear sky and warm temperatures are the ideal for kayaking, it's really just about getting away from it all.

“Being on the water is always going to be much more relaxing than being stuck in the city.”

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