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Weekend weather trend

Split weather pattern for the weekend.
Split weather pattern for the weekend.

Jill Colton, staff writer

October 23, 2010 — It's one of the things that makes fall so special, diverging weather patterns. And you can definitely expect a big one this weekend.

Major rain expected for the B.C. Coast.
Major rain expected for the B.C. Coast.

This weekend is bringing a split pattern to the country, so depending on your region, you may need your mitts, rain boots or light jacket.


“The polar jet is tracking lows from the Pacific Ocean onto the B.C. Coast, with the most intense low rapidly intensifying Saturday evening,” explains Michelle Cassar, a meteorologist at The Weather Network. With the system, residents can expect pounding rains and strong winds. Metro Vancouver is looking at between 60 - 100 mm of rain, while areas like Vancouver Island and Tofino could see upwards of 100+ mm.

Mild temperatures are expected for southern Ontario this weekend.
Mild temperatures are expected for southern Ontario this weekend.


The Prairies is looking at a significant cool down, so it's time to add on those extra layers. After days of warm weather, Alberta dramatically cooled off on Friday, with some areas experiencing a 10 degree drop. “It's all because of the cool Arctic air invading from the north.”

Additionally, the low that's expected to sweep through B.C. will also spread into the Prairies bringing cooler temperatures and a rain-snow mix to Jasper. “As a result of the cool air, a zonal pattern has formed in the jet stream allowing for Arctic air to invade.”


Looking at central Canada, specifically Ontario, the tropical jet will play a factor in a province warm up. “It's steering an area of low pressure from the U.S. midwest towards southern Ontario.” But that's not the complete story. “An area of high pressure over the Eastern Seaboard has slowed down the low pressure system and stalled it out over the province. As a result, for the next few days, the southern and central regions will be locked into a mid temperature trend,” notes Cassar.

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