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Wet but mild in British Columbia

Always ready for rain in Vancouver
Always ready for rain in Vancouver

Lisa Varano, staff writer

December 11, 2010 — It's exactly the type of weather you can expect in B.C. at this time of year: Rain.

Tarps protect boats from rain
Tarps protect boats from rain

The rain will ease in southern British Columbia on Sunday, but it won't be long before the next round of showers.

Another low pressure system will come on the heels of the one currently affecting the province.

That will bring rain to places like Vancouver for most of the week. Temperatures will remain mild -- around 10°C in the Lower Mainland on Sunday and Monday.

B.C.'s south coast saw strong winds and heavy rain on Saturday. By the time the rain tapers on Sunday, Vancouver could get 40 to 50 mm of rain. The Fraser Valley, North Shore mountains, and Howe Sound could be drenched by 70 to 100 mm of rain.

Snow high in the mountains
Snow high in the mountains

At higher elevations in B.C.'s interior, the precipitation is falling as snow. Heavy snow was in the forecast to the delight of skiers. But the Canadian Avalanche Centre warns that stormy weather raises the risk of dangerous slides.

This upcoming winter could bring above-average precipitation to British Columbia. “It's your classic La Niña pattern. B.C. gets countless rounds of stormy weather with heavy rain and heavy snow,” says Brian Dillon, a meteorologist at The Weather Network.

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