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Wet snow blankets parts of southern Ontario

Wet snow fell Newmarket, Ontario Monday night
Wet snow fell Newmarket, Ontario Monday night

Staff writers

December 6, 2011 — Record rainfall fell in parts of southern Ontario Monday before changing over to thick, wet snow.

Monday's rainfall records
Monday's rainfall records

Big, wet snowflakes were falling in parts of southern Ontario Monday night. In some cases, the snow started accumulating on lawns and roadways.

It's courtesy of the same system that brought steady rain to the province earlier in the day. Daily rainfall records were broken in Toronto, Markham and Hamilton.

“As the system makes its way out, cold air is catching up to it and changing the rain to snow,” says Gerald Cheng, a meteorologist at The Weather Network.

Trace amounts of snow are expected for the Greater Toronto Area, but in Windsor, 8 cm of snow had already piled up by the early morning hours on Tuesday.

Slick road conditions in the Kitchener area lead to a serious crash, which shut down the highway through the overnight hours. Motorists are urged to adjust their driving habits as conditions change.

People in Ottawa and Montreal are dealing with snowy roadways as well.

“It's possible that this system could bring 5 - 8 cm of snow to the Nation's Capital,” explains Cheng. “There's also a risk of freezing rain around Montreal.”

Ontario snowfall forecast
Ontario snowfall forecast

The system is expected to continue pushing east, and it could bring 10 cm of snow to sections of Quebec and northern New Brunswick through Wednesday.

In northern Quebec, blowing snow and wind warnings have been issued. The James Bay / La Grande river area could see southerly winds of up to 60 km/h.

And in southern Ontario, Cheng says more flurries are possible, beginning Tuesday night.

“I'm not ruling it out, especially in the southwest,” he says.

To stay up to date on the weather conditions in your area, be sure to check the Alerts section of the website. Wondering what to expect this upcoming season? Check The Weather Network's Winter Outlook 2011/2012.

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