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Who's seeing snow this weekend

A dusting right before Hallowe'en
A dusting right before Hallowe'en

Lisa Varano, staff writer

October 30, 2010 — October ends with snowfall in parts of Ontario, Quebec and New Brunswick.

Leaf knocked down by snow
Leaf knocked down by snow

Places like Sudbury, North Bay and Ottawa, Ontario were all seeing a few centimetres of snow on Saturday evening, and the flakes are headed east.

A rain-snow mix has turned to flurries in Montreal. New Brunswick may be the next province to spot a bit of the white stuff.

“A weak low is slowly intensifying in eastern Ontario Saturday evening. A cold front will be sliding through southern Ontario, dropping temperatures as it passes, to the low single digits for Hallowe'en and the early part of the week,” says Brian Dillon, a meteorologist at The Weather Network.

A snowy Sunday in Vaughan
A snowy Sunday in Vaughan

Southern Ontario is being spared snow for the most part, but white flurries spilled from skies over Vaughan on Sunday. A rain snow-mix is in the forecast for southern and central New Brunswick.

“Snow will ease through the morning in eastern Ontario and southern Quebec as the system slides into southern New Brunswick. That will bring light snow showers to Fredericton and Moncton Sunday morning, and a rain-snow mix to Saint John,” says Dillon.

For a preview of what's to come this winter, check out how the Prairies dug out from heavy snow at the end of the week.

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