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Will snow wallop Ontario this winter?

Andrea Stockton, staff writer

November 3, 2010 — Signs of winter are already appearing across Ontario and that has residents wondering what's in store for the frosty months ahead. With it being a La Niña year, there's the potential for increased precipitation.

Snow falls in Alliston this Hallowe'en
Snow falls in Alliston this Hallowe'en

For some Ontarians it was an extra scary Hallowe'en this year. And that was all thanks to the flurries in the forecast. Snowflakes were spotted as far south as Vaughan and there was enough snow in Ottawa to break a few previous records.

When snow makes an appearance during the haunted holiday, that always has residents wondering what's in store for the winter months ahead. 2010 is a La Niña year and that means there could be more snow than average this winter.

Danya Vettese is a meteorologist here at The Weather Network. She says La Niña is more variable then its counterpart El Niño, “but what we do see is a lot of precipitation for different areas of Canada. We've seen increased precipitation in the past during La Niña years.”

Vettese adds that anywhere from the Rocky Mountains to the Great Lakes could see increased precipitation and cold temperatures.

Brace for a potentially snowy winter this year
Brace for a potentially snowy winter this year

“It's going to be a Canadian winter with snow and cold outbreaks and we have seen in the past in 2007/2008 it was a big La Niña year, we saw a lot of snow in Ontario and Quebec so it's definitely not out of the question.”

During the winter of 2007/2008 over 250 cm of snow was reported at Toronto's Buttonville Airport.

With the potential for a stormy year, drivers are encouraged to get your vehicles ready for whatever Mother Nature brings.

Be sure to also check the Canadian Cities Index before you head out during the frosty months ahead.

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