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Wind turbine explodes in Scotland

Andrea Stockton, staff writer
December 12, 2011 — A powerful storm that ripped through Scotland left thousands in the dark and destroyed a large wind turbine.

Turbine bursts into flames in wind storm
Turbine bursts into flames in wind storm

A powerful storm pounded parts of Scotland late last week. A red alert was issued after winds over 240 km/h were recorded Thursday.

The hurricane strength gusts caused several travel disruptions on the roads and in the air and left thousands of residents without power. Scottish Hydro said that at the height of the storm, around 105,000 customers were left in the dark.

A tall turbine at the Ardrossan Wind Farm, near the A78 in North Ayrshire was also destroyed as it exploded into flames.

Fires can occur if extreme wind loosens or breaks the electrical connections of a turbine. Officials at RenewableUK say the wind turbines are regularly subjected to tough weather conditions and usually shut themselves off as a safety feature if winds become too much. But like any piece of large power generating equipment, there's the risk for freak accidents or mechanical faults to occur.

No injuries were reported in the explosion.

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