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Snow event to hit the Maritimes

Jill Colton, staff writer

November 26, 2010 — The same system that brought freezing rain to Ontario and Quebec is now targeting the Maritimes.

The number of vehicle accidents has risen because of icy roads.
The number of vehicle accidents has risen because of icy roads.

Here we go again. It looks like the Maritimes is going to get another round of wintry weather.

Earlier this week a mix of rain and snow tracked across the region. Substantial wind gusts and chilly temperatures were also felt. The early arrival of winter made driving conditions difficult. Police say the icy roads and snow mounds have lead to a significant increase in vehicle accidents.

Even Chimney Sweeps have been concerned with the slippery snow-coated roof tops. “There are some that we have to look at and say we are going to have to reschedule the appointment because the conditions are just not safe for us to do the work,” explains Pat Cormier with Chimney Sweep in Moncton.

Snow totals expected on Saturday.
Snow totals expected on Saturday.

It doesn't look like the wet and snowy conditions are changing anytime soon. The same system that practically froze over parts of Ontario and southern Quebec is now sliding its way into the Maritimes. For Friday, the main event will be mixing during the afternoon and rain in the evening.

The big event is expected to take place on Saturday. “The secondary low from the Prairies is going to cross Quebec in the morning, bringing scattered snow. It'll pick up moisture from the Bay of Fundy resulting in a snow storm,” explains Brian Dillon, a meteorologist with The Weather Network.

The storm will continue during the overnight hours and is expected to bring 5-10 cm to places like St. John, Moncton and Charlottetown

You can also tune in to The Weather Network on TV, where the National Forecast comes up at the top and bottom of every hour.

With files from Andrea Stockton

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