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Winterizing campers before the snow flies

Shelley Steeves, reporter
September 20, 2011 — Experts say it's never too soon to winterize your travel trailer. Taking the proper steps to winterize could save you headaches in the future.

Taking the time to winterize could help prevent future problems
Taking the time to winterize could help prevent future problems

Roger LeBlanc says last winter was a rough year for Maritimers who own travel trailers. Many people started off this past spring with a leak.

“Last winter most of it was from excessive snow load we just kept getting snow after snow.”

Rogers says most people store their travel trailers outside for the winter. Heavy snow load and temperature fluctuations can break down weather seals over time, so people are encouraged to seal them up before facing another winter.

And since the roofs on most new travel trailers are made of rubber. UV rays will break down the rubber over time causing it to crack and leak.

“Coat your roof with a UV protector every year to keep the roof moist,” says LeBlanc.

It's important check for gaps in the caulking around windows and storage units too.

“You want to drain all of your tanks and make sure you drain the hot water tank too. That's the one thing that most people forget to do, but you will want to drain your fresh water and make sure all your holding tanks are empty then you will have to bypass your hot water heater and run non toxic anti freeze through your system.”

Roger says it's also a good idea to use these moisture absorbing crystals in the camper over the winter.

“Just put them in the trailer and they the absorb the moisture,” explains LeBlanc.

By taking the time to properly winterize your camper now, before the snow flies, you could save yourself a ton of headaches next spring.

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