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Spring has sprung in Canada

March 22, 2010 — Spring officially began on Saturday, marking the end of a week that felt and looked a lot more like summer in some parts of the country.

The weekend may have been cool and cloudy in some parts of the country this weekend, but there weren't too many people complaining about it.

The first day of Spring on Saturday marked the end of a week that was looking and feeling a little more like summer at times. From coast to coast, temperatures were soaring into the double digits and nearing the 20-degree mark -- certainly NOT the type of weather you'd expect the last week of winter. But then again, this winter wasn't exactly NORMAL, either.

'Iíve never seen a year like this!' says Environment Canada Senior Climatologist David Phillips. 'This is the year that winter was cancelled in Canada!'

The season got a late start, thanks to a stretch of mild weather in November. And this month, just about every day has been above-seasonal in many cities, including Toronto.

'The March sun is amazing!' says Weather Network meteorologist Chris Scott. 'Itís just as powerful as it is in September so couple it with the fact that we donít have any Arctic air coming down from the North Pole and weíve got the sunshine under high pressure and youíve got above normal temperatures.'

Temperatures in parts of the Maritimes soared into mid teens last Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, shattering records along the way.

It was a similar story in southern Ontario and Quebec. Montreal and Ottawa both reached record-breaking highs throughout the week, and Toronto was flirting with the 20-degree mark.

In the Prairies, the weather hasn't been too shabby, either. People in Lethbridge were basking in the heat on Tuesday as the temperature soared close to 20 degrees. The week got off to a bit of a soggy start in British Columbia, but things cleared up at the end of the week. The wet weather returned for much of the weekend.

With the first official week of Spring ahead, will we continue to see above-seasonal temperatures? Tune into The Weather Network on TV to find out! Our National Forecast comes up at the top and bottom of every hour.

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