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Winter 2008/2009 Weather Recap

Downtown Vancouver</i> - December 22, 2008
Downtown Vancouver - December 22, 2008

February 25, 2009 — As the Winter Outlook indicated, weather across Canada was a roller coaster of changeability. See below for a recap of the weather we experienced this winter.

Atlantic Canada
December saw warmer than normal temperatures for the Maritimes and wetter than normal precipitation.

January was on average cooler than normal for most Atlantic Canada. Newfoundland alone remained normal on average. Atlantic Canada experienced near normal precipitation in January.

February temperatures were normal across Southern New Brunswick and Nova Scotia with above normal temperatures on average for the rest of Atlantic Canada. Despite several large systems hitting Atlantic Canada, New Brunswick experienced on average a drier than normal February. Nova Scotia received an average amount of precipitation for February with PEI and Newfoundland getting higher than normal amounts of precipitation.

Eastern Canada
Southern Ontario and Quebec saw near normal temperatures in December with higher than normal precipitation. Northern Ontario and Quebec experienced on average a drier than normal month. This trend continued into January where temperatures in the region were on average below normal. Southern Ontario and Quebec also experienced cooler than normal temperatures but with near normal amounts of precipitation.

Ontario and Quebec experienced above normal temperatures in February with wetter than normal conditions for Southern Ontario and Quebec. February was a drier than normal month for Northern Ontario and Quebec.

The Prairies
Record breaking cold temperatures across the Prairies dominated December where many locations experienced colder than -35.0 Celsius days in the latter half of the month. The Northern Prairies experienced a drier than normal December while the Southern Prairies were on average wetter than normal despite the icy temperatures.

Alberta experienced a warmer than normal January while temperatures in Saskatchewan and Manitoba were on average near normal. The Southern Prairies experienced a drier than normal January with the Northern Prairies stayed close to normal.

In February, the Prairies experienced above normal temperatures. Alberta and Southern Saskatchewan experienced a drier than normal month while Southern and Central Manitoba was wetter than normal. The rest of the Prairies were near normal for precipitation in February.

British Columbia
Arctic outflow helped to make temperatures in December below normal for BC; during the same month, Southern BC experienced above normal precipitation. Many locations in Southern BC witnessed record one day precipitation, like Vancouver with over 20 cm of snow on December 21/2008.

By contrast, January brought near normal temperatures to the entire province with on average drier than normal precipitation for Southern and Coastal BC. Precipitation in Northern BC stayed near normal.

Temperatures in Coastal and South Interior BC were near normal in February while elsewhere in the province temperatures have been above normal. Southern BC experienced a drier than normal February with near normal precipitation for the northern half of the province.

Keep in mind, there is still plenty of time for Winter to make itís presence felt! To find out what to expect over the next few months, be sure to check the Spring Outlook.

User Images:
Downtown Vancouver - December 22, 2008 Lorenzo Graziani, Vancouver, BC
Ice and Snow - December 17, 2008 Lewis Jarrett, Digby, NS
This is how an ex-Winnipeger shovels snow in Nanaimo!!!! - December 18, 2008 Sheldon Wilford, Nanaimo, BC

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