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World Cup weather!

Spanish soccer fans cheer in Madrid
Spanish soccer fans cheer in Madrid

Jill Colton, staff writer

July 11, 2010 — After a month of football, it all came down to Sunday. Both the Netherlands and Spain had never won a World Cup title before, but one team came out on top.

Paul the oracle octopus picks Spain to win World Cup final
Paul the oracle octopus picks Spain to win World Cup final

The big question was: Who will win it? According to Paul the octopus -- or psychic sea creature, as he's also known -- the Spaniards would take the championship. So Paul still has a perfect record in World Cup predictions.

He lives at an aquarium in Germany, where he chose between glass tanks with the flags of Spain and the Netherlands. The tanks were baited with mussels.

Spain's defensive midfielder, Sergio Busquets, was thrilled when Paul chose the Spanish tank. “We guess it is a Spanish octopus. We are in love with it and want to name it Pablo,” he said.

Only seven countries had previously won a World Cup: Brazil (five), Italy (four), Germany (three), Argentina (two), Uruguay (two), England and France (one). But that changed today when Spain captured the title.

The weather at Soccer City in Johannesburg, South Africa on Sunday looked ideal for a football match and a celebration. Temperatures were expected to reach a high of 19 in the afternoon with sunny skies and relative humidity.

So were you waving the Oranje or Red and Yellow flag? We want to know who you cheered for! Tell us on our Facebook page.

With files from Lisa Varano, The Associated Press and The Globe and Mail

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