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This Week in Weather History

February 26, 2010 — Historically, this week is a busy one when it comes to weather!

On this day in 2003, St. Anthony, Newfoundland was battered by a fierce storm. About 300 teachers and students were stranded on the Northern Peninsula. Strong winds made for difficult visibility--the 90 kilometer gusts kicked up snow, making drifts and causing whiteouts.

Meanwhile, in 2006, St. John's Newfoundland was buried by a massive blizzard, bringing 24 centimeters of snow to the area!Winds gusted up to 130 kilometers per hour, pushing snow drifts up to 1.5 feet! Many of the roads were littered with stranded vehicles.

And talk about a warm Winter Games! In 1988, Calgary saw temperatures skyrocket to 18 degrees. This was only slightly cooler than the Miami Florida maximum temperature for that day!

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