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Today in History...

February 10, 2010 — February 10 will be remembered as a day full of weather history.

On February 10, 1987 in St. John's, Newfoundland, a section of a mall roof collapsed due to the heavy weight of snow.

And it's no wonder.

Only a few days before this, the city was blasted with the year's biggest blizzard. The storm dumped around 30 centimetres after all was said and done. Seven people were injured after the roof collapsed, but thankfully there were no reports of serious injuries.

Meanwhile, February 10 is remembered for a different reason in Regina, Saskatchewan.

On this day in 2004, blizzard and whiteout conditions contributed to a multi-vehicle pile up on the Trans-Canada Highway just east of Regina. 50 cars were involved. There were several injuries, but no deaths reported.

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