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Weather Apps & Services: Text Messaging

News on Weather image – Get severe weather alerts sent to your phone
News on Weather (NOW) subscription

Get severe weather alerts and other public safety messages* delivered directly to your mobile phone by text message, so you can stay on top of the weather without having to do a thing. You'll also be notified via text message of severe weather and other hazards as they are issued by authorities. Plus, you get current weather conditions twice per day at 7am & 5pm ET.

Sign up for only $3.00 per month per city.*

  • Current weather condition
  • Severe weather alerts and other public safety warnings

*The Weather Network in cooperation with participating federal, provincial, and territorial authorities, collects and distributes weather-related and non-weather-related public safety messages.

To subscribe: Sign Up Now!

Or follow these simple steps:

  • Text your "city name" (e.g. Calgary) to 69896.
  • You'll receive a text message to confirm your subscription.
  • After following the activation instructions, you will receive a message confirming your subscription is complete.
  • You're set to receive weather forecasts every day, and applicable warnings from The Weather Network.
To change your default time and city(s):

Simply login to your subscription account to make any changes.

Your cell phone number:

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To unsubscribe:

Text "STOP" to 69896 or simply reply STOP to any weather or warning message you have received.

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Take your weather with you, no matter where you go.

Get instant forecasts and alerts, right on your computer.

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